General Information

Timings are approximate and may change based on number of athletes taking part. Start time will remain the same but specific session timings may alter.
​​Saturday 21st March
​15:00      Registration opens
16:00      Athlete briefing
17:00       Registration closes 
                   First athletes pool side check in
18:00      DNF Tops
20:30      End DNF Tops
Sunday 22nd March
09:00       First athletes pool side check in
10:00        STA Tops
13:00        Break
14:30        DYN / DYNB Tops
17:00        End of competition
17:30        Awards and Prizes
18:00      Social and food at the pub
How do I register?
To enter the competition, please go to the Registration page, fill in all the details on the registration form and hit submit. To confirm your place please then go to the Payment page to pay your entry fee and secure your place. Places are limited and your spot will only be secured on receipt of payment. If you have problems using PayPal, contact us on for bank details. After submitting your details you will receive an automatic email with the details you entered.


How long have I got to enter?


Registration closes at midnight on Sunday 15th March or when all 52 places are filled, which ever comes first. Starter lists will be published week commencing 16th March.
Mono or Bi Fins
Due to the amount of pool time we have, athletes will only be able to compete in either DYN or DYNB - not both. The disciplines will run at the same time alongside each other but athletes will not be able to do both. Athletes will need to select Mono or BiFins when filling in their registration form, but can amend this up to 1 week before the competition should you change your mind.
Fees are £90 per athlete
Payment can be made on the Payment Page
Refund Policy
We run our comps to the highest standard we can make them, not to make a profit. We put all the entry fees back in to the event, paying for extras to make it the best it can be. We only spend the money once we have it in the bank so giving refunds once it has been spent will mean we could make a loss and are unable to host future comps.
As such, our refund policy is simple - if another athlete takes your spot then we will refund the full amount of your entry fee no problem. If however we are unable to fill your place with another athlete then we will not be able to offer a refund of your entry fee.
In previous years we have had high demand for places and operated a waiting list so  were able to fill all the places and refund all athletes who were unable to compete.
Scoring and prizes:
Points will be awarded for each discipline as per the AIDA scoring system. Each performance is converted into points using the following scales:
  • Static Apnea: 1 second of immersion = 0.2 points
  • Dynamic Apnea (DYN/DNF/DYN-BIFINS): 1m of distance = 0.5 points
  • For the purposes of determining overall winners only, an uplift of 15% will be added to performances of DYN-BIFINS to ensure results are comparable to DYN-MONO performances
There will be prizes for each discipline with the winners being the male and female athlete with the highest score per discipline. Overall male and female winners will be determined by combined sores for all 3 disciplines.
​​Best Newbie
There will also be a prizes will be for Best Newbie. These prizes will be awarded to the male and female athlete entering their first comp with the highest overall combined score.
​Other information
AIDA ranking will be given for all disciplines entered.
Competitors must be a member of a National Freediving Association such as the BFA.
Competitors must hold a recognised Freediving qualification.
Your medical statement MUST be signed by a doctor in order to compete, even if you tick No to all medical conditions listed. Failure to provide this will forfeit your entry to the competition. Your entry fee will not be refunded.
What to bring (other than your swimmers):
You will need to bring with you the following original documents:
  • AIDA Medical Form signed by a doctor
  • Passport or other proof of ID
  • Liability release completed and signed
Athlete Information Pack