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Welcome to the Bristol Blue Team Freediving Competition hosted by Bristol Freedivers
​Saturday 16th November 2019 - Henbury Leisure Centre, Bristol, BS10 7NG

How does it work?

Each team will consist of 3 athletes who will each complete 2 performances in different disciplines. Each of the 3 pool disciplines (STA, DNF, DYN) must be performed by 2 athletes from each team. Therefore, the teams and disciplines entered will be set up like this:

  • Athlete A: Static (STA) and Dynamic No Fins (DNF)

  • Athlete B: Static (STA) and Dynamic (DYN)

  • Athlete C: Dynamic No Fins (DNF) and Dynamic (DYN)

Note: Dynamic (DYN) can be performed as Mono or BiFin


In the first session Athletes A and B will complete their Static performance with Athlete C completing Dynamic No Fins.

In session 2, Athlete A will complete their Dynamic No Fins performance with Athletes B and C completing Dynamic performances.





Each performance will be scored as per the AIDA competition scoring system with the scores for all 6 performances being combined to give an overall team score. The winning team will be the team with the highest overall combined score.

Dynamic performances can be completed in either Mono or BiFins. To ensure the overall final scoring is fair, those competing in BiFins will be given a 15% uplift on their score for their DYN BiFins performance. This will only apply to the final scores for this competition and and results submitted to AIDA will not include this uplift.



Entering as a Team or Individual

If you and 2 fellow Freedivers want to enter as a team then you can decide who will do which disciplines and enter together. If you are an individual and want to enter, we can put you in to a team with 2 others. Just let us know your preferred disciplines and we will do our best to match you with athletes and accommodate your preference. We will do our best but may not be able to do this for everyone. Enter your details on the registration page and we'll put you in touch with other people to make up your team.

The make up of each team is completely up to you and can be same sex or mixed, young or old, experienced or all competing at your first event - you just need 3. It is not a requirement, but we are very much encouraging teams to have 1 newbie or competition newcomer in their team so they can experience the fun with some friendly faces and more experienced freedivers. The winning team will be the team with the highest combined score and the only individual prize will be for the best newbie who has the highest combined score for their 2 events.

For full information, go to the Info Page